Don't let today's M&A operations create tomorrow's cyber threats

Assess the real-world digital exposure of M&A targets.

Don’t limit yourself to policy checks and questionnaires to evaluate your target’s cyber risk.

Benefit from a fact-based cybersecurity audit before committing.

M&A Cyber Due Diligence

Real-World Assessment

Cyber risk is more critical than ever for M&A operations


Standard due diligence methods assess cybersecurity exposure based on a target’s documented policies. But such methods aren’t capable of testing whether or not information is being exposed outside the enterprise perimeter.

The result? Committing to the wrong acquisition. Missing huge hidden costs. Suffering long-term image consequences.

Get real-world results to confidently assess your target’s cyber exposure.



Cyber Due Diligence

Dark Web Monitoring: Worldwide Coverage

Real-World Cybersecurity Assessment

Real-World Cybersecurity Assessment

Evaluate accrued risk for data leaked outside of the enterprise perimeter.

My Exposure Dashboard Reputation

Pre-deal Evaluation of Cybersecurity Exposure

Pre-deal Evaluation of Cybersecurity Exposure

Go/No Go Validation. Know what you're buying before committing.

My Exposure Dashboard operational

Optimize Target Valuation

Optimize Target Valuation

Maximize your rate of return. Avoid any cyber-related hiccups.

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Prepare for Integration

Prepare for Integration

Align cybersecurity best practices between current and future entities.

Cyber Exposure Report

For a comprehensive, data-backed risk analysis

Everything that you want to know about a company’s cyber exposure in one place.

  • Overall exposure score
  • Detailed cyber risk analysis
  • Benchmark to industry peers
  • Expert recommendations to remediate
Cyber Due Diligence