Dark Web Spotlight: Another Aviation Headache

Airlines have had a rough few months.

As pandemic restrictions ease, and air travel increases, so have the cyberattacks against airlines.  June saw India’s flagship airline Air India hit by a huge cyberattack, affecting as many as 4.5 million passengers. Their data, including passport information and some credit card details, had been compromised by unknown hackers. Now in July, a threat actor is claiming to have the information of technical tests from Airbus aircraft. The database is from 2021 and claims to contain reports of technical faults, QSE instructions, distribution of operators on the airplane, control memories, customer visit, customer satisfaction, temperature and humidity reporting, observation of technical faults, and summaries of nonconformity.  As cyberattacks have created major disruptions in people’s lives by halting oil, food, and retail services, airlines represent a major chaos opportunity. Asset Discovery and Monitoring alongside Data Breach Prevention would help to shield airline companies from further risk.