Don’t miss us at RSAC North America!

RSAC kicks off today, make sure you connect with us! We here at CybelAngel are excited to sponsor the conference and take part in the discussions on the cyber threats we are all facing in 2021. This year we’re looking to be resilient and thrive so we can help you do the same.  During the conference, we’ll be partnering with ISMG for a live CISO news briefing. Our segment Eyes Wide Open: Visibility in Digital Risk Protection will feature CybelAngel CISO Todd Carroll and PlanSource CISO TJ Hart as they discuss how to see digital security threats coming and shut them down, see more.  If you’re logged into the RSAC virtual experience, you can catch it live-streamed on Tuesday, May 18th between 11-2 PM PDT in the ISMG Studios Media Page of Broadcast Alley.  Speaking of seeing threats coming you can try our data leak exposure dashboard to gain visibility into your company’s exposed credentials and sensitive documents that have leaked beyond your corporate perimeter. When you do you’ll automatically be entered into a raffle for a pair of Apple AirPods.  If you have any questions throughout the conference or would like to schedule some time with our cyber security experts, schedule a call with our team. We also invite you to check out Gartner’s recent Emerging Technologies Report that focuses on analyzing the Digital Risk Protection Services market We look forward to seeing you there!