Erwan Keraudy, CEO of CybelAngel, Awarded the National Order of Merit

We are thrilled to announce that Erwan Keraudy, the CEO and co-founder of CybelAngel, has been honored with the prestigious National Order of Merit, the “Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite,” by the French government.

On April 3rd, Keraudy and several other distinguished guests from CybelAngel were present at the award ceremony held at the Quai d’Orsay, the headquarters of the Ministry of Europe and French Affairs. The ceremony, located in the heart of Paris, was presided over by Jean-Noel Barrot, the Deputy Minister to the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, who has also served as a previous Delegate Minister in charge of Digital Transition and Telecommunications.

Since its inception in Paris, in 2013, CybelAngel, founded by brothers, Erwan and Stevan Keraudy, has been at the forefront of international cybersecurity. Recognized for his critical contribution to CybelAngel’s development into a global cybersecurity leader, Keraudy’s award underscores his significant achievements. The platform, a synergy of machine learning and human expertise, equips security teams with timely and accurate intelligence on the most pressing threats to prevent potential cyberattacks.

Furthermore, the CybelAngel team, with special thanks from Erwan Keraudy, deeply appreciates our esteemed clients for their unwavering trust and support from the outset. This milestone highlights and reinforces our commitment to all of our valued customers. 

About the National Order of Merit “Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite”

The National Order of Merit is a prestigious recognition of “distinguished merit” that fosters the country’s progress. It honors individuals for their notable services to the French Republic, showcasing exceptional civilian or military achievements.

Initiated on December 3, 1963, during the Fifth Republic by General Catroux with President Charles de Gaulle’s support, the National Order of Merit consistently highlights a broad range of significant achievements and distinct careers, adhering to a tradition of eclectic and prompt recognition that is upheld to this day.

About CybelAngel

CybelAngel provides comprehensive monitoring, detection, and management of external risks across the entire internet spectrum — visible, deep, and dark — as well as connected storages and domain names, to avert business disruptions. 

Utilizing top-tier AI technology and supported by a seasoned analyst team, CybelAngel delivers actionable and crucial intelligence. The platform’s external attack surface monitoring (EASM) technology encompasses five core modules: Asset Discovery and Monitoring, Data Breach Prevention, Dark Web Monitoring, Account Takeover Prevention, and Domain Protection.