CybelAngel’s API Threat Detection: Your Definitive Guide

Get our clearcut guide to navigating your external API threats.

Unlock the power of CybelAngel’s API Threat Detection

Within this short and sharp new Ebook you’ll uncover:

  • What CISOs need to know about APIs and API security
  • Why full visibility on unmonitored, shadow and vulnerable APIs is critical
  • How to prevent future data exposure from your API estate
  • The compliance concerns you need to be mindful of as a CISO

You’ll find our definitive guide to API threat detection a helpful and clearcut starting point to the success of your organization’s API initiatives.

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Get the definitive guide to API Threat Detection

Gartner’s 2024 CIO and Technology Executive survey found that 67% of participants intend to increase their investment in API and integration technologies, marking a significant uptick from 2023.

Our guide is peppered with no nonsense clear cut advice based on the API trends and threats you need to be aware of.

Don’t miss out on this eye-opening opportunity to stay one step ahead of the evolving API threat landscape, including how to avoid data exposure linked to API threats that can tarnish your brand’s reputation.

With this report, you can efficiently review our straightforward action items and recommendations to streamline your SOC team’s readiness for the evolving threat landscape of 2024.

Download the report here.