Sanofi Uses CybelAngel to Outwit Cybercriminals

Sanofi is a global leader in healthcare across seven major therapeutic areas from cardiovascular to vaccines. The company was founded in 1973 and now employs over 100,000 people across more than 100 countries. They rely on 73 manufacturing sites operating in 32 locations. The Covid crisis has shed light on the structural vulnerabilities and appeal of global pharmaceutical supply chains for hackers.  The end-to-end health pharmaceutical supply chain has become the target of an increasing number of cyberattacks, both from state-affiliated and criminal organizations. “Protecting Sanofi is great,” explains Jean-Yves Poichotte, “but it is not enough because we are not alone.” Indeed, almost half of Sanofi’s operations are in fact delegated to third parties. “Each time we open our organization,” explained Jean-Yves Poichotte, “it is a new opportunity for the hackers to penetrate our infrastructure, and to steal some information. The others are my weak point. So our posture is to say that if we can’t protect, we have to detect and to react fast in order to prevent the damages.” Click here to read more about how Jean-Yves Poichotte used CybelAngel to find weaknesses and stay steps ahead of cybercriminals.