CybelAngel’s 2021 Guide to Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware attacks in 2021 are on pace to increase 30% over the previous year. Thanks to the advent of Ransomware as a Service (RaaS), ransomware gangs are more profitable than ever. Continued profit has led to bolder and more devastating attacks against critical infrastructure and supply chains. But ransomware’s drumbeat of reconnaissance, infiltration, and weaponization is not unstoppable.  Organizations worldwide are waking up to the truth that stopping ransomware isn’t just about making themselves hard targets, but finding and removing the vulnerabilities ransomware gangs exploit. Phishing, Shadow IT, and Exposed Credentials are the fuel for ransomware’s continued rampages. You don’t need to wait for post-exploit attacks. In CybelAngel’s new ransomware guide, Don’t Pay, Prevent, you will learn:

  • A new strategy for searching for and securing the top three attack vectors in 2021.
  • The latest perspective ransomware’s four major phases: recon, infiltration, weaponization, and profit 
  • The ins and outs of today’s most advanced ransomware prevention capabilities including Asset Discovery and Monitoring, Domain Protection, and Account Takeover Prevention.

With the technology and actionable tactics in this guide, you can hinder any ransomware attack. With CybelAngel’s Don’t Pay, Prevent, you will have an actionable plan to go on the offensive against ransomware.  Click here to get your copy of Don’t Pay, Prevent: CybelAngel 2021 Guide to Ransomware. You can also find more of our ransomware research and offensive game plans on our blog