Seize control of your external-facing APIs

Unleash the power of CybelAngel’s API Threat Detection solution, to uncover rogue, zombie, and shadow APls outside your IT perimeter.

  • Extensive Discovery

    Thanks to an automated 24/7 discovery engine, get a complete inventory of your API estate.

  • Sharper Resolution

    Know which APls are the most at risk, so your team can prioritize, reduce time to resolution and secure your data.

  • Seamless Integration

    Connect CybelAngel’s API Threat Detection solution to your toolstack through a dedicated API endpoint.

Test CybelAngels’s API Threat Detection Now

Detect Shadow assets into IPs & Domains


Shadow asset such as connected file servers, SaaS solutions, Databases, Industrial systems, DevOps tools, Remote desktop service, IoT


assets in your external attack surface to to speed up remediation


Focus on highly vulnerable machines with a risk- driven approach catered to your business specific reality

“With CybelAngel, we establish a new border of detection outside of our architecture, encompassing the world of our partners and suppliers, where we can’t, by design, take control of their security.”

— Jean-Yves Poichotte

Global Head of Cybersecurity, Sanofi