• Comprehensive coverage thanks to 1000x superior scanning capabilities
  • Fake sites and look-alike domains leading to phishing with a combination of passive and active DNS techniques to protect your brand from impersonation across all TLDs and subdomains


  • 4x superior alerting capabilities: Detect alternate versions of legitimate domains that use inversion/split twists and subdomains
  • Domain threat watchlist: Keep an eye on your domain spoofing threatscape to proactively block dormant domains


  • Actionable incident reports to get alerted upon an MX server setup, an IP assignment or content publication on a page
  • 95% of malicious domains can be taken down by CybelAngel remediation team, without your intervention.

“We received an Incident Report confirming the presence of child abuse content on a lookalike domain. We blacklisted the domain in our firewalls and escalated the issue to our legal team, with information from the report, including the registrar name and Whois information. The domain was taken down in a matter of days after it was set up.”

Thierry Auger

Deputy CIO and CISO, Lagardère International