• Infostealer credentials, including logins, passwords and navigation cookies
  • Exposed API keys & tokens on code repositories
  • Unprotected emails & passwords stored on misconfigured databases and servers


  • Contextualized incident reports redacted by a dedicated analyst
  • Access to email and password in clear text, IP addresses, date of extraction and platform URLs, etc
  • Extended integration options via connectors and RestFUL APIs


  • Prevent multi-million-dollar account take-overs
  • Automate remediation through your SOAR and Active Directory
  • Stop purchasing stolen credentials on the dark web to take them off-market

“CybelAngel gives us a significant time advantage. They are the only solution to report credentials leaks way before they end up for sale on the dark web. This has proven critical for our VIPs.”

Thierry Auger

Chief Information Security Officer, Insurance