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CybelAngel CEO Erwan Keraudy advances EASM and preemptive cybersecurity with distinguished US and French cybersecurity delegation

The French-American Foundation’s 2022 Cyber Security Conference, held November 29 to December 1, brought together nearly 100 leading cyber security experts and thought leaders from France and the U.S. to discuss the most pertinent cyber security challenges from both sides of the Atlantic. With a most appropriate and timely theme, this year’s focus was The Future of Democracy in the Digital Age: A Transatlantic Discussion on Evolving Geopolitics and Cyber Security.

The conference, held in Washington DC, was led by retired General Jean-Paul Paloméros of the French Air Force, who served as Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, a senior military post in NATO. The conference provided a forum to examine cybersecurity within the context of geopolitical challenges in the digital era. French and American defense and government officials came together to address critical cybersecurity issues pertaining to transatlantic national security and discussed the evolution of roles and responsibilities around cybersecurity. CybelAngel CEO Erwan Keraudy was honored to be among the invited delegation accompanying President Emmanuel Macron of France for the first state visit to the Biden administration.

The French-American Foundation’s 2022 Cyber Security Conference

Keraudy shared perspectives on corporate responsibilities in combating global digital threats and protecting businesses and governments with preemptive measures to detect and eliminate exposures that could lead to cyberattacks. Keraudy addressed the rapidly-growing threats created by digital transformation and the expansion of the external attack surface resulting from third-party system exposures, shadow IT and vulnerabilities stemming from cloud misconfigurations. More specifically, he brought attention to the fact that incidents of ransomware, data breach and information stealers are not limited to businesses and consumers, as the internet has now become the new battleground for nation state hackers. Keraudy shared CybelAngel’s pioneering “outside-in” approach to securing systems in a similar manner to how hackers infiltrate them.

Utilizing the most comprehensive search technology available, CybelAngel’s Extended External Attack Surface Management (EASMX) solution continuously monitors the internet to find unknown exposures, leaks and threats, then alerts the owners of exposed digital assets, provides them with actionable and contextual detail about the incident, and offers remediation services to immediately take down the exposure before it can be compromised or weaponized.

Keraudy’s exciting week was made even more memorable as it culminated in accompanying President Macron to several additional visits with U.S. dignitaries, including a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery with U.S. President Joe Biden to honor fallen WWII soldiers, President Biden’s official welcoming ceremony for President Macron at the White House, and the first official state luncheon with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

CybelAngel has found an alarming 2022 growth trend in the detections of third-party open servers/buckets containing sensitive information. The monthly average of open servers we are identifying has risen to approximately 500K. To learn more or find out if these servers are putting your information at risk, request an External Exposure Scan.