Cyber Attacks Data Breach Protection

Are you prepared for a critical data leak?

In the time it takes to read this paragraph, there will be a cyber attack.  With a company attacked every 39 seconds, it is no surprise that 52% of businesses expect to be hacked. Many of these attacks will result in the leak of sensitive data. Is  your organization detecting every cyber attack against your company? What about attacks on your data on third-parties’ networks?  Attacks often go undetected until data loss is recognized and the damage is done. Detecting attacks is half of the cybersecurity equation. The other half is being prepared to activate your Remediation Service in a potential data breach situation. Taking immediate action to stop data leaks after a cyber attack can be the difference between a data leak and a breach that makes headlines. Let’s examine why hacking is on the rise, and why breach protection is so critical.

Why is hacker activity increasing?

Key drivers accelerating hacking include corporate attack surfaces increasing markedly with digital transformation and move to the cloud, as well as the 2020 shift to employees working from home offices.  According to IDC, frictionless, hybrid multi cloud is the holy grail of cloud adoption. Remediation Services for data leaks should go hand-in-hand with moving operations to the cloud.  However, organizations often do not act as aggressively in building a Remediation Service function until a serious cybersecurity incident strikes. Data leaks may be detected quickly, but without an effective Remediation Service, hackers have longer to steal and exploit your sensitive data.  The reality is that the more data that an enterprise shares in the cloud (outside of your security perimeter), the more opportunities hackers have to attack that data.  But it is not just the cloud that increases vulnerability to cyber attacks.  The growth in employees working from home also contributes to the increase in successful cyber attacks. Increased cyber attacks attributed to employees are caused by a variety of factors, such as: employees relying on home networks, which likely increase vulnerabilities; and, home workers being distracted juggling the responsibilities of work and home.   With cyber attacks up, how can a company prepare for a data breach?  The two critical steps are quantifying your attack surface and assessing your Remediation Service.

Why data breach protection is critical

Data leaks are inevitable, particularly with the expansion of the attack surface. InfoSec preparation to address data leaks includes a host of preventative measures; however, these plans also include managing leaks before they become a major breach. Critical to being ready for potential leaks as hacks become more brazen, and cyber threats evolve is a high-quality Remediation Service to resolve these data leaks quickly — before leaked data is exploited. Companies who are ill-prepared to handle their data leaks present a rich target for hackers. 

Do you need a Remediation Service?

Determining how critical a Remediation Service is your business can be assessed by assessing the breadth of your attack surface.  Identify how broad your exposure is to data leaks inside and outside your security perimeter by answering these three questions.

1.  Have we invested in digital transformation, including sharing data with business partners and hosting data in the cloud?

2.  Do we store data with at least one cloud provider?

3.  Do 40% or more of our employees work from a home office?

If your answer is “yes” to these questions, you need a Remediation Service.

What does a Remediation Service provide?

CybelAngel’s digital risk platform scans the entirety of the internet to detect leaks, but once found the clock is ticking. Who will address the potential leaked data first — the company’s remediation team or a hacker? Beyond real-time alerting, CybelAngel also provides hands-on remediation services by cybersecurity experts.  Many enterprises find that the fastest path to remediation is via external support from CybelAngel, especially when their data leak occurs on servers not owned by the enterprise. As your organization assesses its data breach protection, check out CybelAngel’s digital risk platform and remediation services. Get our free dashboard today to get a comprehensive view of your company’s exposure to data leaks on the internet with no obligation to buy. Data leaks are inevitable, but damage is optional.