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The economics of ransomware attacks: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of payment
The Economics of Ransomware Attacks

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Payment No company is immune to ransomware attacks; if you have information worth taking, there is a cybercriminal who is ready to take it and then charge you to give it back. The number of attacks is increasing, the payments are going up and more victims […]

This Global Food & Beverage Manufacturer Eats Cyber Threats for Breakfast

CybelAngel protects from food fraud, negative publicity, hefty privacy fines, and costly downtime When a global food & beverage manufacturing enterprise saw their competitor hit with a devastating supply chain attack, they knew it wouldn’t be long before they were targeted. Knowing their brand’s operations, customer food safety, and brand reputation was on the line, […]

How to Secure a Data Leak Before It Becomes a Major Breach
How to Secure a Data Leak Before It Becomes a Major Breach

Speedy Detection is Key to Securing Data Leaks When a data leak hits a hacker’s radar, it can become a costly data breach. Once a data leak occurs, the best way to secure it is to detect and resolve before it becomes a major breach. What’s the difference between a data leak and a data […]

How to Manage Your Cloud Data Leaks

Is your Cloud raining data leaks?  Data leaks often occur in the cloud or from other third-parties.  This occurs because InfoSec teams cannot control all aspects of security outside their network perimeter. Whether you are at a small company or large enterprise, it is essential to detect if your data is leaking in the cloud, […]

Cyber Attacks Data Breach Protection
Are you prepared for a leak of your critical data?

In the time it takes to read this paragraph, there will be a cyber attack.  With a company attacked every 39 seconds, it is no surprise that 52% of businesses expect to be hacked. Many of these attacks will result in the leak of sensitive data. Is  your organization detecting every cyber attack against your company? […]

Data Leaks: Still Doing Cybersecurity Without Machine Learning? Think Again.
Cybersecurity Without Machine Learning? Think Again.

When it comes to sensitive data leak, time is of the essence. It doesn’t take long for a leak to turn into a data breach. A few weeks ago, Comparitech’s security research team set up a honeypot simulating a database on an ElasticSearch instance, and put fake user data inside of it. The first attack […]