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    Dark Web Spotlight: T-Mobile 100 Million Breached

    Update as of Aug. 20, 2021:  T-Mobile disclosed Friday that about 6 million more customers have had personal information “compromised” than previously thought. T-Mobile is now reporting the total customer records exposed to 47 million. T-Mobile is investigating a possible massive breach of customer data.  The investigation comes after a dark web forum claimed to […]

    Reduce Noise with Keyword deactivation

    User (Admin CybelAngel Platform) can deactivate by himself a keyword from the platform.

    How to Fend Off Ransomware Gangs

    Most of our work life is spent being helpful. Fix a problem here, solve an issue there – that’s what we’re paid to do. But when you’re tasked with stopping ransomware, you get to play the spoiler.  Today, we will cover how to frustrate ransomware gangs, ruin their plans, and shut them out of your […]

    Third-Party Digital Risk
    Don’t Pay, Prevent: CybelAngel’s 2021 Guide to Ransomware Prevention

    Ransomware attacks in 2021 are on pace to increase 30% over the previous year. Thanks to the advent of Ransomware as a Service (RaaS), ransomware gangs are more profitable than ever. Continued profit has led to bolder and more devastating attacks against critical infrastructure and supply chains. But ransomware’s drumbeat of reconnaissance, infiltration, and weaponization […]

    Dark Web Spotlight: Praying Mantis Style Malware

    Praying Mantis, a sophisticated and likely government-sponsored threat actor, has targeted important public and private organizations. Their M.O. exploited deserialization flaws in ASP.NET applications to spread fileless malware. Praying Mantis is highly secretive, using volatile purpose-built malware for credential harvesting and lateral spread.  The malware used by Praying Mantis has an intense focus on avoiding […]

    Dark Web Spotlight: Conti Ransomware Playbook Leaked

    Internal strife among Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) gangs is occurring more frequently these days. A few days after Babuk suffered an ironic ransomware attack, the Conti Gang’s“playbook” has been leaked by an allegedly underpaid affiliate.  The ransomware gang leak contains the entirety of the Conti Gang’s penetration testing guides, the IP addresses for the […]

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