Cushman & Wakefield Partners with CybelAngel

What began as a small family business in Chicago a century ago, today is a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange with an annual turnover above 8.8 billion USD. 

A global leader in the commercial real estate industry, Cushman & Wakefield relies on 50,000+ team members spread across 400 offices in 70 countries. They service top organizations across all industries, including public services, hospitality, and insurance.

With a vision that places their clients and their people at the center of everything, it’s no wonder that Cushman & Wakefield put risk mitigation at the heart of their digital transformation. As Cushman & Wakefield’s operations move to the cloud, Erik Hart, Chief Information Security Officer, and his teams have the task of securing their new digital realms against emerging threats.

CISO Insights

Find out more about how Erik Hart, CISO at the group, uses CybelAngel to secure their digital transformation against third-party leaks. 

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