Connect with CybelAngel at the Boston CISO Think Tank

Technology continues to evolve rapidly, CIOs and CISOs face new challenges in aligning IT initiatives with business goals while fortifying cybersecurity resilience.

At CybelAngel we are excited to participate in the upcoming CIO & CISO Think Tank in Boston on June 6th, 2024, where industry leaders will explore practical strategies for the future of IT and cybersecurity.

Event Details

Here are the need to know details:

Date: 6th June, 2024.
Agenda: Check out the event program.
Register: Attend this event via this form.

Attendees will also explore resource management approaches, automation strategies, and aligning cloud initiatives with overarching business objectives.

The discussions will navigate the evolving cloud technology landscape, highlighting how CIOs can prioritize cloud engineering for competitiveness and resilience. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with visionary speakers like Patricia Patria (CIO & VP, Babson College) and Arundhati Biswas (Strategy & Business Operations Director, IT at National Grid Energy Services).

A word about CybelAngel and EASM

At CybelAngel, we understand the importance of robust cybersecurity in today’s digital era. Our external attack surface management (EASM) solution provides comprehensive protection against cyber threats, offering real-time internet scanning, machine learning models, dedicated analysts, and fast remediation through takedown services and integrations.

Connect with our team at the event to learn more about securing your external attack surface and staying ahead of emerging cyber risks. We look forward to engaging discussions and valuable networking opportunities at the CIO & CISO Think Tank in Boston.


A proactive approach to your EASM needs

CybelAngel provides a suite of 5 comprehensive modules, each designed to extensively cover and protect your external attack surface.

These CybelAngel offerings include:

What is more, is that you can take advantage of this upcoming event to learn more about our brand new module: API Threat Detection.

Are you intrigued to learn more about what CybelAngel and our EASM solution can offer?

Before we make our anticipated appearance at the CIO and CISO Think Tank, delve into the comprehensive EASM offerings of CybelAngel.

We so look forward to meeting you in Boston! Keep up with our event updates and announcements by following CybelAngel on LinkedIn and Twitter.