CybelAngel Connect Integrates with Splunk SIEM, ServiceNow SOAR & Other Tools

Cybersecurity is all about speed. The faster your infosec team can locate and remediate digital threats, the safer your company will be. But teams are being slowed down by siloed tools, alert fatigue, and gaps in coverage. The average organization uses 47 different solutions to power its InfoSec operations. Dozens of solutions feeding repetitive or false alerts creates alert fatigue. Operating across multiple platforms can lead to critical incidents falling between the cracks. Accruing data from dozens of tools adds more unproductive hours dragging down KPIs.  If your tools are not integrated into your organization’s SOC, SIEM, or SOAR, they are part of the problem. At CybelAngel, we are about solutions, not problems. That is why we introduced CybelAngel Connect.  CybelAngel Connect folds our zero false positive alerts and remediation capabilities into the market-leading SIEM and SOAR providers like Splunk and ServiceNow. Our integration speeds up time-to-mitigation by 27%. Integrating with the most common cybersecurity tools helps companies create a single source of truth from which they can efficiently report on KPIs, review threats, and prioritize security efforts organization-wide.  Our integration capabilities don’t end with cybersecurity tools. Connect integrates our platform with other business tools such as Jira Service Desk and Slack. This helps cybersecurity professionals inform other business units of digital threats not visible from their side. CybelAngel Connect is not just about personal or team efficiency but also can save your company millions of dollars. IBM estimates organizations using AI and automation in their cyber security save $3.58 million if breached. Contact our experts to learn more about our latest features and how proactive digital risk protection can save your company millions.