CybelAngel Launches API Threat Detection Solution

Is it possible to detect vulnerable APIs and Internet facing assets before API abuse occurs?


In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, keeping ahead of attack surface threats is not just a goal; it’s a necessity for security teams, and companies around the globe. With innovation the key to protection, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest offering: API Threat Detection, a pivotal addition to our Asset Discovery and Monitoring module.

This new solution marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing cutting-edge cybersecurity tools that address the complex challenges that businesses face today.

What is API threat detection?

Essentially, API threat detection allows you to gain control over your external-facing APIs.

API threat detection is a crucial process in the API lifecycle.

It allows cybersecurity teams to gain full visibility on an organization’s API estate by uncovering unmonitored, shadow and vulnerable APIs. It is also an important factor for proactive API security risk assessment and remediation.

Introducing CybelAngel’s API Threat Detection

Today, assets span the vast expanse of the internet and the task of continuous monitoring and threat detection has become increasingly challenging. Security teams often lack the comprehensive visibility required to secure your company’s attack surface effectively.

Enter our new solution, API Threat Detection.

This module was designed to address one of the biggest concerns in cybersecurity today: the constant evolution of API threats. Gartner data confirms that API vulnerabilities are something that CISOs and their security teams need to keep a closer eye on, as 50% of enterprise APIs will be unmanaged by 2025.

An OWASP Top Ten Compatible API Threat solution

CybelAngel’s API Threat Detection solution was engineered with your security teams in mind

  1. Gain visibility
    Discover unknown endpoints to enhance your network’s security, prevent costly fines through proactive compliance, and efficiently identify emerging threats to stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities.
  2. Automated 24/7 threat detection discovery
    Utilize non-invasive scanning techniques that safeguard the integrity of your digital assets while maintaining operational efficiency and avoiding . Experience a reduction in workflow disruptions with a low false-positive rate. You’ll ensure that you and your security team focus on genuine threats in real time. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy peace of mind, thanks to our solutions API Threat Detection compatibility with the OWASP Top Ten standard. It guarantees that your security measures are aligned with leading industry standards for web application security.
  3. Seamless integration
    Our API Threat Detection solution offers seamless integration into existing systems. It eliminates the need for manual data entry and tedious setup processes. With user-friendly connectors, the initial configuration is streamlined for ease of use, ensuring a hassle-free installation. Moreover, once integrated, our system provides the convenience of automated daily monitoring, overseeing your digital ecosystem with minimal oversight required. This hands-off approach ensures that your resources are optimally allocated. You can instead focus on core cybersecurity activities while still maintaining robust defenses.

With cyber attackers becoming more sophisticated, the need for continuous monitoring has never been more critical. API Threat Detection meets this need. It offers an automated solution that tirelessly scans the digital horizon, ensuring that no threat goes unnoticed.

How can CybelAngel’s API Threat Detection solution protect your attack surface?

Overall, API threat detection plays integral role within contemporary organizational frameworks. The significance of APIs in the technological landscape cannot be overstated. 2023 research revealed that out of 1629 surveyed organizations, 60% have experienced as sensitive data breach linked to API vulnerabilities in the past 24 months.

The full spectrum of benefits derived from API threat detection solutions is critical for security teams to grasp.

Here are some ways it is critical for transforming your security team’s organizational processes:

  • Enhance the visibility of API vulnerabilities: At the heart of this module lies the capability to uncover all utilized APIs across your organization. It helps to easily spotlight potential security vulnerabilities. This facilitates optimal resource deployment, improves your cybersecurity posture, and chops down remediation time. What is not to like for SOC teams?
  • Incredible cost benefits: Beyond streamlining IT operations and fostering system agility, monitoring your API vulnerabilities leads to tangible cost savings. We dive more into this on this blog.
  • Protect your sensitive data: In an era characterized by skyrocketing API usage and a parallel increase in attack surfaces, threat detection tools are fundamental.They help to mitigate the risks associated with sensitive data exposure. including compliance risks and fines. We further explore how some companies fell foul to API vulnerabilities in our 2024 annual report.
  • Save technical time and effort: Enhance your web applications functionality with interactive map and route planning features. Instead of developing these functionalities from scratch, now you can explore existing APIs that provide the desired capabilities. Utilizing an external API threat detection tool saves time and previous resources.

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Our API Threat Detection Ebook

Our ebook, CybelAngel’s API Threat Detection: Your Definitive Guide is also now available. You will find a detailed overview of everything you need to know to defend against API threats within this CISO companion guide.

Enhanced API threat detection for security teams

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Cybersecurity is not static, and neither are our solutions. That is why we’ve created an API threat solution that evolves in lockstep with your widening attack surface to ensure better control and visibility, for you and your security team.

You can now request a free API Threat Detection demo to test these API protection capabilities.

For more product information about our brand new API Threat Detection solution, visit our solution page.