Detect Keywords In Database Content – Product Releases

CybelAngel deployed a new way to uncover more sensitive content exposed on open databases: the ability to scan up to 10,000 rows inside datasets. With this enhancement, your critical information, such as PII data and important credentials, is better protected than ever against breaches and account takeovers. Our Engineering team has continued to iterate on this capability with Machine Learning filtering. Why? Scanning 10,000 rows in all open databases generates a significant amount of noise. Actually, our scanners can pick up a daily average of ~100 detections matching your keywords, thanks to this improvement. Newly implemented Machine Learning models now automatically discard 55% of the noise, meaning that your CybelAngel analyst can send you Incident Reports faster than before. Bottom line:

  • Your visibility beyond your perimeter improves.
  • Your time-to-alert decreases.
  • You keep receiving the most relevant reports only.