Third Party Data Breaches: Find and Fix Data Leaks on Third-Party Servers

Find and Fix Data Leaks on Third-Party Servers – Stop Data Breaches

At CybelAngel, 94% of the data leaks that we find for our customers can be traced back to third parties. As companies embrace digital transformation, moving operations to the Cloud increases the effectiveness and efficiency of operations while expanding the attack surface and increasing the potential for a third-party data breach.   It makes sense that the more places you host data in the cloud, the greater the risk for data leak.  How many applications does your enterprise use that are hosted in the cloud?  For a comparison, consider that 41% of applications that are operated by companies are hosted in the cloud.   Indeed, 93% of CIOs have elaborate SaaS migration strategies for 2020. We are in the midst of a tidal wave of migration to the cloud.  How can you be sure your data is safe on third-party servers?  How can you adapt your cybersecurity approach to detect when your data is leaking on servers you do not manage?

Change to cybersecurity approach

If your organization’s attack surface is now greater outside your perimeter than inside your perimeter, your cybersecurity approach must change accordingly.  Security is not just about keeping bad actors outside the perimeter.  Now, with data shared in the cloud with potentially hundreds of business partners, large enterprises must adapt their thinking and tools to keep their data secure on third-party sites.   With so much data hosted in the cloud, it is no surprise that many organizations are shifting their thinking to “Zero Trust” and adding a data leak platform to their cybersecurity stack.

Move to “Zero Trust” model

CISOs and their teams may be confident about their security protocols.  And rightfully so:  cybersecurity has matured.  “Zero trust” is a common refrain in the hallways of Security departments.  To prevent data breaches, “Zero Trust” eliminates from network architecture  the concept of trust.  With Zero Trust architecture, the threat model no longer assumes that actors, systems or services operating from within the security perimeter should be trusted automatically, and instead must verify anything tied to the network In addition to changing one’s thinking and network architecture models to prevent data leaks, new tools are also needed that can detect data leaks outside the perimeter of an enterprise.

Add data leak detection tool to cybersecurity stack

Did you know a data leak detection tool can help you detect our unsecured sensitive data in the cloud?  With CybelAngel as a data leak detection tool, enterprises have built-in machine learning to track data leaks outside their perimeter.  Cyber criminals plan their attacks by exploiting unsecured data.  With machine learning, organizations can detect their sensitive data leaks in the cloud before criminals do.

Address data leaks where they live:  in the cloud

At CybelAngel we stop data leaks in the cloud for many Global 2000 companies, including Danone, Air France, Air Liquide, Total, and Sanofi.  We minimize the amount of time organizations spend identifying, assessing and remediating data leaks. Knowing that the greatest risk for data leaks occurs on third-party sites, CybelAngel built a comprehensive data management solution to detect and secure data.  To accelerate remediation, CybelAngel is integrated with ServiceNow® to automatically feed a help desk with data collected by CybelAngel’s technology.  All the information can be injected into a company’s security system so that a Security Operations Center analyst can remediate the incident — or CybelAngel can remediate the leak on a client’s behalf, which often proves the fastest route to remediation.

Get your data exposure dashboard at no cost

To quantify your organization’s exposure to data leaks, try our free dashboard.  Do you know how many opportunities your company has to leak sensitive data?  For a comparison, PayPal disclosed that it shares its users’ data with up to 600 different firms — that is 600 opportunities for third parties to leak PayPal user data.  Get an idea of your organization’s exposure to data leaks.  Click here to get your free data exposure dashboard.  Use our advanced machine learning to see for yourself how much of your data is leaking.   At CybelAngel we detect and stop data leaks for organizations who host data on third-party servers in the cloud.  When we identify a sensitive data leak, we explain where it is located and how that data is accessible from the web, plus how to close the leak — or we can remediate the data leak on your behalf.  In this white paper, see how CybelAngel detects and remediates data leaks on third-party sites.Do you know where your data is leaking?  Address your data leaks where they live. If you suspect data leaks, contact us.  Because data leaks are inevitable; but damage is optional.