Get a 10,000 Rows View on Database Leaks

Risk Based Security estimates that exposed, misconfigured, and leaking databases are reportedly responsible for 86% of all publicly accessible sensitive records. Hackers are quick to find these exposed databases with and BinaryEdge. Exposed databases represent an easy payday for hackers looking to exfiltrate credentials, customer PII, or IP  for sale or ransom. For a long time, organizations struggled to gain visibility to locate exposed databases. With CybelAngel’s new 10K Row, we review the first 10,000 lines of every open database. Finally, InfoSec teams will have visibility into what sensitive information is inside misconfigured and leaking databases.  Now our powerful platform can match keywords within the content of databases. A large percent of databases have less than 10k rows. This enables us to uncover sensitive content like PII, IP, or credentials in open databases.  The new 10K Row feature compliments our daily scanning which finds exposed MongoDB, Elasticsearch, MySQL, and other databases in 24 hours. CybelAngel customers can take further advantage by using our CybelConnect API to integrate our findings seamlessly into your SEIM or SOAR systems.  Combining CybelAngel’s machine learning and improved connections to cybersecurity automation is a winning combination that IBM estimates can save companies $3.58 million. Contact our experts to learn more about our latest features and how proactive digital risk protection can save your company millions.