Prevent Account Takeover: Intercepting Stolen Credentials

If you have employees, your corporate logins are up for grabs. Stolen credentials were the number one attack vector in 2022, leading to attacks on the world’s biggest companies.[1] Infostealer malware is easy for hackers to source and is becoming more popular by the day. It’s time to intercept leaked emails, stolen login cookies and exposed API keys before they can be weaponized.

Counteract Infostealer Credentials

CybelAngel’s Account Takeover Prevention solution scans unprotected databases and detects data dumps in the clear and dark web. We’ve already detected over 13 billion exposed, stolen and compromised credentials, including OKTA, ADFS and VPN credentials. Every week, 20M credentials from infostealer malware are picked up by our scanners. The CybelAngel difference:

  • Exhaustive & actionable: Scan billions of credentials and easily visualize them in a single feed.
  • Secure credentials before they are weaponized: Detect exposed, stolen or compromised credentials fast.
  • Fresh, relevant data: Exposed and compromised credentials are quickly identified by a CybelAngel analyst.
  • Automation: Automate credential management processes with our Active Directory integration or any of the 1,000+ integrations we offer.

According to IBM, it typically takes up to 243 days to identify a breach caused by stolen or compromised credentials.[2] CybelAngel scans every 24 hours to find exposed or compromised credentials fast. With CybelAngel’s Account Takeover Prevention solution you can:

  • Gain visibility on exposed credentials and API keys on code repositories
  • Intercept infostealer credentials before they hit dark web marketplaces
  • Access Redacted Incident Reports and Credential Watchlist including the full logs on demand
  • Set-up SOAR, SIEM, and Active Directory Integrations

Learn more about stopping malicious actors before they use stolen credentials to gain access to your environment and systems.