Join us at E-crime & Cybersecurity Germany [Munich Edition]

The CybelAngel team are thrilled to shortly attend the e-Crime & Cybersecurity Germany event in Munich in June. This event serves as a unique platform for professionals to dive deep into the challenges and solutions related to cybersecurity and digital exposure, especially those related to EASM.

Here is everything to know before you join us

Location and date:
This event will take place on June 11th from 8:00am – 5:30pm at the Hilton Munich City.

Hilton Munich City Rosenheimer Strasse 15 81667 Munich

Event website and registration

What can you expect during this event?

This one-day event is an exceptional opportunity to engage with cybersecurity experts, including the CybelAngel team, risk management professionals, and corporate board members. You can expect helpful and engaging discussions around digitalization’s pressing issues, exploring strategies for bolstering cyber defenses, compliance with resilience regulations, and enhancing the security of Cloud infrastructure.

Attendees at the Munich Chapter of this e-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress Germany event will also gain insights into coping with daily cybersecurity challenges, utilizing risk-based approaches for asset protection, improving supplier visibility, and understanding the implications of EU directives on cybersecurity risk management.

CybelAngel is eager to contribute to the conversation, showcasing how our EASM solutions can play a pivotal role in preparing security teams for emerging threats and enhancing organizational cybersecurity posture. Join us for a day filled with real-case studies and technical sessions from esteemed global brands.

About CybelAngel

At CybelAngel, we understand the importance of staying ahead in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

We invite you to discuss your cybersecurity needs with us during this event where our knowledgeable team will be available to answer any questions and provide insights into our cutting-edge external attack surface management (EASM) solution.

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We look forward to meeting you in Munich in June.