CybelAngel’s 2024 State of EASM Report [Executive Summary]

Mini but mighty. If you’re a cybersecurity professional short on time, you’ll love our executive summary of CybelAngel’s 2024 State of EASM annual report.

Are you ready to stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity? Gather valuable insights and actionable recommendations for your 2024 External Attack Surface Management (EASM) strategy, in minutes, with an executive summary of our annual report.

Explore critical EASM attack vector data snapshots

Cutting to the chase as a busy CISO?

Our executive summary offers a quick fire run down on the most important topics.

Here is what you’ll find in the condensed version of CybelAngel’s 2024 State of the External Attack Surface Report.

  • Uncover the most critical EASM data snapshots of 2023
  • 3 unique vantage points from 3 major cybersecurity risk areas including ransomware, infostealer malware, and third party vendors
  • 7 recommendations to defend your organization’s attack surface
  • 3 critical external attack surface managements threats to share with your security team

This executive summary was authored by our CISO & SVP of Global Cyber Operations, Todd Carroll, based on 192 trillion cybersecurity data points.

Prioritize your security posture in real time with this executive external attack surface management mini ebook.

Discover even more unique EASM vantage points to improve your cybersecurity posture in 2024

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