Causes of Negligent Data Breaches

Prevent Data Breaches from Hitting Your Bottom Line

Did you know that over 90% of data leaks we find and fix are in the cloud?  This means that outside our clients’ security perimeter, we detect data that is left unsecured, probably by mistake.  Enterprises rely on employees, which can be undermined by human error.  If all employees paid detailed attention and all networks were configured correctly, theoretically there would not be a negligent data leak.  The reality is that distracted employees can make mistakes that lead to data leaks, which undetected, can turn into massive — and costly — data breaches.

How would a fine of $80M affect your bottom line?

Breaches can be avoided.  In a recent preventable breach, Capital One was fined $80 million dollars for a data breach in 2019 that affected 106 million users.  Data breaches to business networks, especially financial networks, are on the rise and many are preventable.  CybelAngel helps enterprises prevent data breaches and the costly consequences.  

Top cybersecurity risks:  employee error and third-party sites

Causes of Negligent Data BreachesIn 2020, there are two top factors that put sensitive data at increased risk:  employee error and third-party sites.   To the right, see common causes for employee error that led to data breach, including distraction, trust in phishing emails and anxiety.  The more employees work from home, the greater opportunity for mistake, which increases cybersecurity risk. Another cybersecurity risk is digital transformation and the migration of data to the cloud and third-party sites, such as partner sites.  The combination of hosting data in the cloud and sharing data with third parties drastically increases risk for data leak. The more sensitive data that goes through cloud and partner networks, the greater opportunity for data breach caused by insufficient cybersecurity methods and misconfiguration, both of which increase cybersecurity risk. Analysis of the breach that prompted an $80 million dollar fine revealed that Capital One failed to establish appropriate risk management before migrating IT operations to a public cloud-based service, which included appropriate design and implementation of certain network security controls, adequate data loss prevention controls, and effective disposition of alerts.  A misconfigured AWS bucket allowed the employee to accomplish the exploit.

How to prevent mistakes that lead to data breaches

CybelAngel uses its advanced machine learning to detect leaks of its customers sensitive data whether these occur on third-party servers or in cloud storage. Our data leak platform scans for confidential and proprietary data and its location, instantly alerting our clients when their sensitive data is at risk.  To fix the data leak, our clients take action or rely on CybelAngel security experts to resolve the risk. Do you know your organization’s risk for data leaks?  CybelAngel will provide a dashboard telling you where your company’s data is leaking, and providing a score of how you rank compared to your industry…FOR FREE. Click here to get your company’s Data Leak Dashboard If you suspect a data leak, contact Us.  Because data leaks are inevitable, but damage is optional.