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#HowTo: Plug Data Leaks

By Todd Carol, CISO @ CybelAngel In 2021, data breach incidents accounted for more than $6.9bn in losses, making efficient data security a critical concern across industries. It is a known fact that data is one of the most valuable assets an organization can have, so protecting it at all costs is vital. Evidently, however, organizations […]

Why data leaks are the most prevalent security risk in the digital domain

At the heart of strong cyber resilience are certain core elements. One such area is data leakage prevention: data leaks are the most common digital risk faced by enterprises. In this article Pauline Losson looks at where the specific risks are in this area and how organizations should respond to these. While the digital infrastructure […]

Medical Data Breaches
Stop Medical Device Leaks

Medical imaging devices are a regulatory nightmare Medial imaging systems and insecure protocols are leaking millions of patient images and meta data onto the open internet. For an industry that is regulated like no other, it may come as a shock to many that the imaging platforms, management systems, and protocols used in healthcare are […]

Data Breach Prevention
How to Prevent Data Breaches

Unintended innovation consequences Recent business operational trends driven by digital transformation programs, movement to the cloud, and a remote workforce can put your critical data at great risk. Why? Confidential and sensitive data is outside the corporate security perimeter; thus, InfoSec teams no longer have end-to-end visibility nor control of data security. Data breach prevention […]

Third Party Data Breaches: Find and Fix Data Leaks on Third-Party Servers
Find and Fix Data Leaks on Third-Party Servers – Stop Data Breaches

At CybelAngel, 94% of the data leaks that we find for our customers can be traced back to third parties. As companies embrace digital transformation, moving operations to the Cloud increases the effectiveness and efficiency of operations while expanding the attack surface and increasing the potential for a third-party data breach.   It makes sense that […]

Data Breach Kills Bottom Line
Prevent Data Breaches from Hitting Your Bottom Line

Did you know that over 90% of data leaks we find and fix are in the cloud?  This means that outside our clients’ security perimeter, we detect data that is left unsecured, probably by mistake.  Enterprises rely on employees, which can be undermined by human error.  If all employees paid detailed attention and all networks […]