Asset Discovery and Monitoring, the Foundation for CybelAngel EASMX

Stay ahead of cyber criminals with the one ADM solution that discovers assets using the same ‘outside-in’ perspective. CybelAngel ADM is the only asset discovery solution powered by multiple search methodologies to provide an exhaustive, real-time, living map of your entire external digital landscape so you can uncover security flaws, evaluate, and address vulnerabilities before systems can be compromised.

Protect Your External Attack Surface in Four Easy Steps

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How it Works

CybelAngel’s Asset Discovery and Monitoring is the only solution of its kind to combine two complementary discovery techniques to enable the most exhaustive mapping of unknown external assets. This combination technology searches deeper and broader to find shadow IT that other solutions can’t.


  • Finds the “owned unknowns” by starting from a list of known assets to uncover shadow services and assets deployed without the knowledge of your IT or security departments.

Keyword matching:

  • Finds the “unknown unknowns,” usually belonging to external parties in your ecosystem or supply chain such as suppliers, partners, contractors or service providers.


CybelAngel’s advanced search technology offers the most exhaustive asset search available.


Continuous monitoring means you find internet-facing assets within 24 hours of exposure so you find it before the bad actors do.


Eliminate alert fatigue by letting CybelAngel’s AI and experienced analyst team sift mountains into meaning to provide contextualized, assessed and severity-scored findings.


Each incident report includes detailed asset and threat information so you have the full context needed for faster response and remediation.


Cutting-edge features for advanced analytics

Powerful, self-serve product and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users. Trusted by over 4,000 startups.

Asset Inventory

The first step in protecting it, is to know that it exists. A detailed asset inventory is the foundation of a strong security posture.

Third-Party Security

Your company systems are only as safe as the systems it and its employees interact with. Secure your supply chain ecosystem by identifying exposures before they can escalate into issues.

Proactive Monitoring

Continuously updated every 24 hours, your security team always has the accurate and timely information needed to immediately respond as a threat arises.

Secure M&A Activity

Uncover potential deal breakers with real-life cybersecurity due diligence pre-acquisition, then maintain full visibility to ensure continuous coverage during the ‘cyber-vulnerable’ systems integration process after the deal is sealed.