Reeling in the Year [A 2023 CybelAngel Retrospective]

Check out some of our favorite new features, events and milestones from the past year, all designed with greater cybersecurity in mind.

Infostealer Credentials Detection Launch

In 2023 stolen credentials, particularly those targeting employees and their devices, were a major concern for CISOs. The expense of these breaches is another valid headache. IBM found in their Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023 that $4.45 million was the global cost of a data breach.

We launched “Infostealers Credentials” as an enhancement to our Account Takeover Prevention cybersecurity coverage. This new feature includes the ability to detect credentials exfiltrated by infostealer malwares in transit, before they are weaponized.

Our Account Takeover Prevention module prevents attacks carried out through the use of credentials, whether leaked, breached, stolen or simply exposed, across paste sites, open databases, connected servers, Dark Web forums, hacker boards, etc.

If you want to take a further look at this new feature, please request a demo here.

A slew of new features improved your user experience

Here is a quick overview of some of the features we released this year.

  • Sign in via SSO enables a seamless and secure access to the CybelAngel platform (View).
  • In-depth Threat Notes prepared by our expert REACT team, reveal the latest trends in the dark corners of the Internet and providing contextualized profiles on threat actors. We shared updates on the Israël – Palestine conflict, the Future of Dark Forums and the Cl0p gang, to name a few.
  • Discovering and prioritising vulnerable shadow assets is now even easier thanks to advanced filtering capabilities, right from the CybelAngel platform. Once you find them, remediate easily by understanding the relationship to known assets and leveraging detailed attribution data points.
  • Go further with no more ‘potential threats.’ You can now be more efficient by verifying if sensitive services indeed exist on open ports via our Asset Discovery & Monitoring module.
  • Understand how your shadow assets relate to your known assets thanks to our graph visualization feature when using our Asset Discovery & Monitoring module.
  • Corroborate your remediation efforts on open servers and databases by checking their status live when using the Data Breach Prevention module.

Our CISO Todd Carroll delivered a compelling state of External Attack Surface Management report

In a year plagued by ominous ransomware data and tales of phishing, cyber threats and data leaks, CybelAngel’s CISO, Todd Carroll, embraced this momentum by publishing a compelling 2023 State of External Attack Surface Management report.

His report shared real time data that highlighted the fine balance between risk management and remediation, compared with proactive cybersecurity strategies.

Check out CybelAngel’s 2023 report in for examples of the unwavering momentum of cyber attacks.

  • 87% of all detected threats are from third-party or malicious actors
  • 9% of all detected internet-facing assets had an associated unpatched vulnerability. The top 10 CVEs were found unpatched at least 12 million times each
  • More than 70 billion files, including intellectual property and financial information, are currently freely available, unprotected, on unsecured web servers

What is more, our 2024 annual report will be available very soon to delve into. Stay tuned!

Our new CybelAngel website went live…

We recently launched a brand new clean and updated website.

We are thrilled with what this fresh look, simplified navigation, and improved performance will mean for you all. Visit it and discover a whole new level of convenience and accessibility.

Check out our new website here.

We travelled across the globe (and met a lot of you!)

From Monaco to Riyadh, from the bright lights of Dubai to the non stop energy of New York city…we participated in a lot of great events in the cybersphere this year.

We took part in 12 cybersecurity events and met more than 1500 people.

Our local and international teams were thrilled to be a part of many large and inclusive tech events showcasing the best of both digital and cyber economies.

The best part?

Our highlight was meeting new prospects who lent some colour to our conversations about external surface attack management.

Forrester recognized CybelAngel as a standout vendor*

Forrester’s 2023 Q1 report explored the threat intelligence market, focused on how External Threat Intelligence Services Providers (ETISP) can aid organizations in risk reduction and decision-making.

This report stressed the need to select an ETISP based on size, market focus, and geography, while highlighting the business value of threat intelligence. CybelAngel was selected as the sole vendor supporting all EASM use cases*.

These include; Compromised asset detection, Vulnerability management enhancement, General threat landscape monitoring, Targeted threat monitoring, and Enabling threat hunting and modeling.

We made the cut: Enterprise Security Magazine’s listed us a Top 10 Startup

Our commitment to protecting our customers from external threats has landed us on Enterprise Security Magazine’s list of Top 10 Startups. Read the piece (and see our CEO Erwan Keraudy on the cover!).

Our H.Q. Paris team traded blocks from Monceau to Le Peletier

We’ll always have Paris.

But with a growing team of international CybelAngels, the hunt was on this year to find an office space that would accommodate our European H.Q. team.

We found just that in the heart of Paris’s bustling 9th arrondissement.

Our team happen to agree.

That is it for our 2023 CybelAngel roundup. We want to thank you all for your continued and gracious support this year. We look forward to what 2024 has in store for our team, our customers and our partners.