Signify Uses CybelAngel to Light Up Data Leaks

Signify is a global leader in lighting for professionals, consumers, and the Internet of Things. They have a large international presence with 38,000 employees in 70 countries. Known internationally for their marquee brands like Phillips HUE, Color Kinetics, and Interact, Signify boasts annual sales of €2.6 billion. With applications ranging from commercial, residential, and agricultural, Signify partners with a wide range of third parties across the globe. They have invested heavily in innovative technologies, including IoT applications such as Li-Fi, energy-efficient lighting, and 3D-printed luminaries that contribute to a safer, smarter more sustainable world. Within a highly competitive market pushing technological boundaries, the loss or theft of intellectual property would have a major impact on revenue and product development. Signify depends on the Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence Kobe Shwartz and his cyber threat intelligence team to prevent these losses when and wherever they appear. Click here to read more about how Kobe Shwartz uses CybelAngel to locate and remediate external data leaks before anyone else knows they exist.