The High Risk of Unvetted Solutions

Sometimes quick solutions have bad outcomes.  If you feel like a bad outcome may happen because employees keep adopting cloud-based SaaS solutions, trust your intuition.   As a quick means to get work done, many organizations adopt cloud-based solutions without vetting from the IT Department. However, when an IT department does not vet and monitor SaaS programs used by employees, digital assets can be left vulnerable, hanging in the wind.     Cyber attacks are up over 300% compared with last year.  How long until your data is hacked via a vulnerability in a SaaS solution?  As the US faces a flurry of ransomware attacks, experts predict that the peak is yet to come.  The opportunity to attack is so great that some criminals rely on Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) to expedite their crimes.  Some RaaS organizations, such as the Babuk group, claim they will not audit hospitals, non-profits, schools, and small businesses.  But if you work a large enterprise, your company is a likely target by RaaS groups who constantly seek vulnerable data to exploit. 

Is this your organization?

Security risk is up partly because of the expanded use of SaaS solutions that put business data at risk on third-party sites.  In the chart below, see how a typical organization adopts popular cloud-based solutions.  Compare the business need with the business risk.  As you can see, cloud-based solutions can save time for employees — and for criminals. All kinds of software vendor hacks can harm a business.  If you are operating in an environment where employees can adopt SaaS programs without the knowledge of the IT Department, security needs to increase.  At CybelAngel, we protect against the kind of hacks that target vulnerable data on third-party sites outside the IT perimeter.

Rushed implementations increase digital risk.

Has your organization implemented cloud-based solutions that are not fully vetted or monitored by your Security Department?  You are not alone.  Companies often adopt new operational solutions in the quest to get work done.  The downside is that without due diligence of cloud-based solutions — and their implementations — many organizations end up putting their data at risk on third-party sites. During the pandemic, many organizations rushed cloud migrations and enabling remote access for employees.  But rushed implementations can put data at increased risk.  Do you know the number one cause of data leaks?  It’s misconfiguration.  Beyond misconfiguration, employees working remotely put data at risk of cyber attack every time they log in from an unsecured device or unsecured wifi.  If your business uses unsecured SaaS programs, unsecured devices, and unsecured wifi, your attack surface has grown exponentially.  With more opportunities to attack data, it’s no wonder that ransomware frequency has risen 311%.  Ironically, employees’ best intentions to get work done often leave sensitive data vulnerable on third-party sites.

See into your SaaS vulnerabilities.

CybelAngel allows you to see the vulnerabilities caused by SaaS adoption and misconfigured cloud implementations.  Why CybelAngel?  Because at CybelAngel, we don’t just find instances of vulnerable data leaking on third-party sites; we fix them. CybelAngel provides a platform that helps companies detect and mitigate their digital risk.  First, we use machine learning to detect vulnerable data.  Next, we use cybersecurity experts to remediate that risk.  We detect when business data is vulnerable — and when it is under attack — even if that data is on third-party sites, like SaaS providers, outside the visibility of your IT Department.   

Companies use the CybelAngel platform for:

Is your data leaking across the internet via SaaS applications?  Contact us for a free assessment.  Or try the instant evaluation to see how many servers and documents your company has vulnerable, hanging in the wind.  To try the instant assessment, just input your company name into the live dashboard here.  

Cover your digital assets with CybelAngel.

At CybelAngel, we stop the worry of data security on third-party sites, so our clients can enjoy the benefits of SaaS without the concern of data security.  So, go ahead.  Get your SaaS on.  Because in a post-covid world of rushed migration to the cloud and unvetted use of SaaS programs, data leaks are inevitable.  But with CybelAngel, damage is optional.  CybelAngel has your digital assets covered.