The Top 3 Cyber Threats: Industrial Manufacturing Supply Chains

In 2020, industrial manufacturers became a favorite target for cyber attacks. IBM Security’s annual X-Force Threat Intelligence Index found manufacturing is now one of the most targeted industries for cyber attacks. Industrial manufacturers received 17.7% of all attacks on the top 10 industries — more than doubling over the year prior. Before the digital transformation, cybersecurity was a tech issue. Now, each cybersecurity risk is a business risk. 

The Top Three Threats Hiding In Industrial Manufacturing Supply Chains 

Industrial manufacturers have precious intellectual property, sensitive Operational Technology (OT) environments, and tight production timelines. These three characteristics make industrial manufacturers prime targets for third-party data breaches, supply chain attacks, and ransomware attacks caused by the top three risks hiding in your industrial manufacturing supply chain: Third-party Data Breaches: 

  • Teams that are working with external vendors are constantly sharing folders or drives. A single wrong click can leave a cloud drive with thousands of documents exposed. This issue becomes more challenging to manage when data is housed within third parties beyond your organization’s visibility or control. 
  • Ponemon estimates that 61% of companies experienced a data breach caused by one of their third parties. Third-party data leaks can lead to numerous threats from fraud, physical security breaches, and IP theft. Third-party data leaks can also proceed to a supply chain attack. 

Supply chain attacks: 

  • Often, the biggest risk in your supply chain are supply chain attacks themselves. ENISA estimates that 66% of cyber attacks focus on the supplier’s code. This pattern has been observed multiple times in the case of SolarWinds and Passwordstate.
  • But code is not the only sensitive information third parties can have. CybelAngel routinely locates blueprints that could expose physical assets for targeted exploitation. Such attacks leave organizations out of commission for days to weeks. 

Shadow assets/Shadow IT: 

  • Estimates show cloud-based shadow IT is 10x larger than a company’s known cloud usage. Ransomware gangs are targeting these shadow assets as part of their cyberattacks. Moreover, shadow assets are sometimes chosen for their lack of security controls as 35% of employees say they need to work around their company’s security policy to get their job done. 
  • From physical assets like exposed NAS drives to cloud applications, threat actors are always looking for vulnerable entry points. The explosion in cloud services has given threat actors a gold rush of opportunities to enter systems and directly or laterally access OT systems. 

Taking Care Of Business

The key to defending your supply chain is to ensure each of your third-party vendors is compliant with the strictest of cybersecurity standards, whether or not regulatory requirements are enforced. The issue is that many third-party risk management tools are momentary and provide just a snapshot instead of ongoing proactive protection.  Digital Risk Protection Solutions (DRPS) provide holistic detection and remediation for external digital risks. Our machine learning and best-of-breed detection abilities allow our platform to locate when and where your data is found on the internet. This focus on discovering exposed data expands visibility far beyond perimeters into third, fourth, and fifth parties. No more do teams have to choose which vendors receive ongoing monitoring. This is why Gartner named CybelAngel the “Best of Breed” DRPS solution.  CybelAngel also recognizes the need for speed in dealing with digital threats. Today’s digital risk is not the same as tomorrow’s. As an answer, CybelAngel developed 24/7 monitoring for four different digital risks. Our Account Takeover, Data Breach Prevention, Dark Web Monitoring, and Asset Discovery and Monitoring can locate threats within 24 hours of exposure. This speed enables your team to remediate threats before threat actors exploit a vulnerability, exposed database, or unsecured cloud bucket. 

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If you want to learn more, you can schedule some time with our experts to discuss how CybelAngel can help protect your company from downtime, IP theft, and supply chain attacks. Discover how CybelAngel can help industrial manufacturers bridge the gap between physical security and digital risk protection in our webinar Smart Buildings Under SiegeOr read our case study with Sanofi here