WiMLDS Sickit Sprint at CybelAngel is a Success!

CybelAngel is proud to have hosted WiMLDS, Women interested in Machine Learning & Data Science, at our Paris office over the weekend. WiMLDS and Marie Sacksick, Senior Data Scientist at CybelAngel, hosted a sold-out crowd for a scikit-learn sprint. The scikit sprint was a day dedicated to helping participants work on one issue (big or small!) of the scikit-learn repository. The full-day workshop was dedicated to open-source contributions with one goal: to help participants make their first Pull Request! WiMLDS is a community of women interested in Machine Learning & Data Science. WiMLDS host events (lightning talks, technical workshops, paper study lunches, and networking events) managed by prominent researchers, engineers, statisticians, students, to discuss machine learning and data science to build a community around women in these fields. WiMLDS can be reached at: [email protected].