Your One-Stop-Shop for No-Code Connectors

CybelAngel Connect allows you to connect your cybersecurity toolstack with CybelAngel with no-code… in 15 minutes or less. Streamline your CybelAngel workflows with off-the-shelf as well as easily customizable connectors to popular SOAR, ITSM, and SIEM platforms. CybelAngel Connect is powered by the leading IPasS solution Workato. CybelAngel Connect allows you to do things like…

  • Checking for new leaked credentials in CybelAngel and sending them to Splunk
  • Sending slack message to your team when a critical incident is found
  • Forwarding incident reports to ServiceNow
  • Notifying your SOC team when a new domain is added to your domain watchlist
  • Sending a text to a VIP when their credentials have been compromised

Connect Any App in Less than 5 Minutes with the Integration Studio No fuss with CybelAngel Connect. It’s a no-code approach to connectors that enables even non-technical profiles to start connecting your worlds in a couple of minutes. CybelAngel Connect is accessible to all CybelAngel Company Admins, right from your platform.