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CybelAngel is the leading digital risk management platform providing enterprises with actionable threat intelligence.

Your enterprise’s sensitive information is already outside your network, and outside of your control. Your data could be leaking to various layers of the internet, from the clear web to the dark web, through to unsecured connected storage devices. CybelAngel is the only threat intelligence platform that continuously and comprehensively scans them all.

  • Clear Web
  • Deep Web
  • Dark Web
  • Connected Storage

Clear Web

The Clear Web or Surface Web is the “regular” internet, the one Google indexes and that anyone can access through their browser. Some of the most common threat sources on the Clear Web are forums/message boards and code sharing sites such as Github.

Deep Web

Data on the Deep Web is often ephemeral and cannot be indexed by conventional search engines but remains readily accessible.  Some of the most common threat sources on the Deep Web are paste sites like Pastebin or Just Paste It

Dark Web

The Dark Web is a portion of the internet that is intentionally inaccessible through standard web browsers. The Tor network, an anonymous network that can only be accessed with a Tor-compatible browser, is most widely known for illicit activities: stolen information is commonly traded via Tor Forums and in Tor Marketplaces.

Connected Storage

Poorly protected NAS (Network Attached Storage) appliances and misconfigured database engines subject your data to leaks when used by employees, clients and partners to backup and store critical documents.

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CybelAngel helps organizations protect their intellectual property, brand, and reputation through the use of superior artificial intelligence and human expertise.

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CybelAngel identifies exposed data on connected storage devices that we do not see with other solutions.

Jean-Yves Poichotte , Global Head of ITS Cyber Security at Sanofi

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  • 1 Billion Detections
  • 100 Potential Threats
  • 1 Qualified Alert per average customer

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Each qualified alert details the most critical threats and the suggested remediation steps.

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CybelAngel enables Total to easily identify where any leaks come from, to promptly take down exposed information, and to immediately alert stakeholders in order to protect IP.

Benoit Merquiol , Information Security Manager at Total
Leaks are inevitable. Damage is optional.
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