CybelAngel Introduces New Data Leak Detection Perimeters and Professional Remediation Services

Digital risk management SaaS platform delivers comprehensive protection from digital threats across every internet layer, including cloud services, open databases and connected devices. SAN FRANCISCO, RSA 2020 Booth #246 South Expo – February 25, 2020CybelAngel today announced it has significantly strengthened its digital risk management SaaS platform to detect data leaks and respond to digital threats by expanding its coverage of internet perimeters. CybelAngel is now the only cybersecurity solution that can continuously scan, monitor, and alert on six critical internet perimeters in real time, including those posing the biggest risk to enterprises: third-party cloud services, open databases and connected devices. CybelAngel will showcase its new platform at the RSA Conference and provide attendees with exposure assessments at booth #246 located in the South Expo. CybelAngel, which recently secured $36 Million in Series B funding, is also unveiling new professional remediation services to help enterprises resolve and take down data leaks to avoid fraud, ransomware attacks, compliance breaches, economic espionage and loss of reputation. “By combining our advanced AI-powered core detection technology with professional remediation services, we give enterprises an end-to-end cyber risk management solution that no other vendor can match,” said Erwan Keraudy, CEO, CybelAngel. “Because more data is being stored outside the firewall on cloud services, open databases, and connected devices, the risk to enterprises has never been greater. Our platform continually detects data leaks and incidents, which we then resolve with our remediation services, so businesses can eliminate exposure before damage occurs.” Enterprise data is now shared on more third-party platforms than ever before. According to a 2018 study by the Ponemon Institute, nearly 60% of respondents had experienced a data breach caused by a third party or vendor. Smart organizations know they cannot prevent them all, but must be able to detect and resolve data leaks before they can be weaponized. CybelAngel detects over one billion documents per day, and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assess the sensitivity of the information it finds. The company’s platform helps enterprises manage digital risk in real time by providing relevant, actionable information, enabling effective remediation and takedown.

Comprehensive perimeter scanning

Businesses with IT ecosystems of any size can customize CybelAngel’s technology to specific sets of perimeters that satisfy their unique cyber risk profile. The company can detect leaks across these six critical perimeters: Connected Storage – Locate and safeguard confidential documents that were negligently made available on corporate and third-parties’ connected storage. Cloud Applications – Identify and troubleshoot sensitive content leaking through collaborative tools, repositories and cloud applications used by your staff or third parties. Open Databases – Detect and secure misconfigured databases before unsecured datasets are compromised. Domain Name Servers – Detect and prevent phishing, counterfeiting and domain squatting attempts before they harm your business. Public Web – Secure exposed sensitive credentials before they are weaponized. Deep and Dark Web – Intercept and defend against threat campaigns or fraud schemes on malicious forums before hostile attacks are launched.

Professional remediation services

CybelAngel’s professional remediation services significantly accelerate the takedown and resolution of data leaks, quickly eliminating digital threats before they have time to harm the business. By doing so, CybelAngel enables clients to take proactive measures against data breaches and malicious attacks, minimizing major cyber-risks such as compliance breaches, economic espionage or sequestration of information. Its portal acts as a threat intelligence headquarters where enterprises can see their exposure to data leaks, and interface with CybelAngel analysts. “CybelAngel provides CISOs, IT operations professionals, and security analysts with all the tools and resources they need for comprehensive digital risk management,” said Todd Carroll, VP of Cyber Operations, CybelAngel. “Our superior internet scanning technology is built upon years of machine learning innovations, backed by AI, and battle-tested against real-world threats by our enterprise customers in the U.S. and Europe.” To learn more about CybelAngel and its first-of-a-kind data leak detection technology, please visit

About CybelAngel

CybelAngel is a leading digital risk management platform that provides enterprises with actionable threat intelligence from data leaks both inside and outside the firewall. CybelAngel enables effective remediation and improved cybersecurity posture. By leveraging artificial intelligence and proven machine learning capabilities, it monitors, detects and manages digital risk from third parties and across all layers of the Internet. Global organizations rely on CybelAngel to protect their intellectual property, brand, and reputation. Every day, CybelAngel detects data leaks that others don’t. To learn more, visit

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