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Tag: data leak detection

Greek gas operator suffers data breach as criminals exploit energy crisis

Ransomware group Ragnar Locker, which claimed responsibility for the attack, has developed a reputation for targeting critical infrastructure operators. Cybercriminals are capitalising on Europe’s energy crisis as one of Greece’s largest natural gas distributors has suffered a data breach. The gas operator, DESFA, confirmed in a public statement that cybercriminals attempted to gain access to its IT […]

Why data leaks are the most prevalent security risk in the digital domain

At the heart of strong cyber resilience are certain core elements. One such area is data leakage prevention: data leaks are the most common digital risk faced by enterprises. In this article Pauline Losson looks at where the specific risks are in this area and how organizations should respond to these. While the digital infrastructure […]

CybelAngel Wing WP
CybelAngel Uncovers Risks from Invisible Devices and Hidden Data Exposures with New Asset Discovery and Monitoring Service

CybelAngel becomes the most comprehensive Digital Risk Protection Platform for revealing true digital footprints, data leak detection, preventing account takeovers, brand protection and anti-fraud

Third Party Data Breaches: Find and Fix Data Leaks on Third-Party Servers
Find and Fix Data Leaks on Third-Party Servers – Stop Data Breaches

At CybelAngel, 94% of the data leaks that we find for our customers can be traced back to third parties. As companies embrace digital transformation, moving operations to the Cloud increases the effectiveness and efficiency of operations while expanding the attack surface and increasing the potential for a third-party data breach.   It makes sense that […]

Machine Learning Models Power Data Leak Detection
Machine Learning Powers Data Leak Detection

Data Science is a critical cog in CybelAngel’s Data Leak detection. Our Machine Learning models protect customers against data breaches by augmenting the expertise of CybelAngel security analysts. A human-only solution would take an extremely long time to detect actual leaks from all the false positives generated by the exponential growth of data exchanged on […]

Machine Learning for Data Leak Detection
Innovative Machine Learning Model for Data Leak Detection

CybelAngel is able to alert on a set of sensitive blueprints amidst the thousands of billions of documents available on the web. Ever wondered how we are able to do it? Let us introduce you to the latest Machine Learning model for data leak detection: Content Scoring. We couple cutting-edge Machine Learning and human expertise. […]