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How Far Can You Push Your Luck With Data Leaks?

Are Criminals After Your Lucky Charms?

In 2020, the pandemic caught many executives by surprise.  Their managers were faced with the dilemma of whether to proceed with initiatives that were required, but perhaps not fully vetted for cybersecurity risk. One initiative commonly rushed was data migration to the public cloud.  Did you know the most common error when moving to the cloud is misconfiguration leaving your data exposed?  If you feel like criminals are after your lucky charms, you are not alone.     Criminals constantly seek sensitive data they can sell.  In 2020, criminals upped their efforts to steal data because changes in business increased the volume of data openly available to steal.

Common activities that increase digital risk

Think of your corporate initiatives last year.  Did you complete initiatives that increased risk to your data, such as those listed in the box to the right? If the answer is, “Yes,” to any of these activities, there is a high likelihood your organization’s date is leaking on the web, available for criminals to steal.  Common activities putting your data at risk include migrating to the cloud, digital transformation, and remote access to data via any device or network.  If you’ve gone to the cloud without monitoring for data leaks beyond your enterprise perimeter, don’t count on luck to keep your data secure.  Any IT professional will tell you when data is moved outside the IT perimeter, it changes the cybersecurity game entirely. 

How far can you push your luck?

How far can you push your luck with unsecured data outside your security perimeter?  Do a quick check to see how many of your company’s servers and documents are leaking this minute.  Try our live dashboard and input your company’s URL.  Try our live dashboard and get a glimpse into how many unprotected servers and documents your company has. If you ran the live test, you may have learned that your company has many servers and documents easily available for criminals to find and exploit.  How long until your luck runs out and criminals find your data and hold it for ransom?   If your lucky charms are under attack, protect them with CybelAngel.  Organizations around the world use CybelAngel to protect their digital assets, and so can you.  We detect and take down data leaks anywhere they occur, including outside an IT perimeter.With CybelAngel, our clients don’t need luck to avoid data breaches.  In fact, we have clients who prevent major data breaches across complex supply chains using our platform.  For more on this, see our Case Study on Sanofi, a global pharmaceutical company who uses CybelAngel to prevent hundreds of data leaks from turning into major data breaches. Business is full of surprises — don’t make cybersecurity one of them.  If your organization suspects its data is at risk, contact us to find your data leaks before they become data breaches.  Because data leaks are inevitable; but damage is optional.