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Data Breach Prevention Tools
How Far Can You Push Your Luck With Data Leaks?

Are Criminals After Your Lucky Charms? In 2020, the pandemic caught many executives by surprise.  Their managers were faced with the dilemma of whether to proceed with initiatives that were required, but perhaps not fully vetted for cybersecurity risk. One initiative commonly rushed was data migration to the public cloud.  Did you know the most […]

Top Cybersecurity Blogs
Top 10 Cybersecurity Blog Posts for 2020

What was the top cybersecurity news for 2020?   At CybelAngel, we can sum it up in three words —  Increased Attack Surface.  This year, our most popular cybersecurity blog posts reflect the increase in attack surface — and successful attacks — that companies experienced in 2020.   How do we know this?  At CybelAngel, we’re on […]