Cause of Data Breaches

How to Spot & Resolve Causes of Data Breaches

Can you spot the common causes of a data breach?

Common causes for data breaches lurk in network infrastructure and security practices of employees, vendors and partners. When a data breach occurs, sensitive data is released to an untrusted environment.  To prevent the escalation of damages, it’s critical to remediate a data breach as fast as possible.  But how do you prevent a data breach in the first place?   Causes of Data Breaches

Aftermath of data breach: C-suite

The aftermath of data breaches can hit hard in the C-suite.  Following the data breach at Citicorp (see above cause #4), their stock price fell 16%, and their Chief Risk Officer agreed to step down (Wall Street Journal, Oct 2020).  Following the data breach at eResearch Technology (see above cause #9), the CEO-President was asked to step down (Cybersecurity Insiders, Oct 2020).

How to prevent data breaches

Did you know your InfoSec Team can get instant alerts when a critical data leak occurs?  These instant alerts are especially helpful when the data is leaking in the cloud on a third-party site, outside the security perimeter.  Sometimes InfoSec Teams remediate their own data leaks.  Other times, companies ask our Remediation  Team to stop the data leaks that frequently occur on third-party sites, such as cloud storage.  Indeed, companies who use CybelAngel decrease their risk of operating in the cloud. You see, at CybelAngel, our data breach prevention service includes On-Request Take-Down, which is an end-to-end solution where we handle everything from detection to take-down of data leak. How do we do it?  CybelAngel uses the muscle of machine learning models to detect critical data unique to your company that is leaking on the public, deep or dark web.  We add human ingenuity of our Remediation Team to identify and remediate critical data leaks anywhere they occur in the cloud.  Executives sleep soundly at night with our On-Request Take-Down service.

Do not face the risk alone

Every business operating on the web faces the common causes for data breach.  But you do not need to face the risk alone.  With CybelAngel, we cannot stop your organization from leaking data; but we can detect and take down your critical data leaks before they become data breaches.  Because data leaks are inevitable; but damage is optional.