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Data Breach Prevention
Questions to Ask After a Vendor Data Breach

What to ask your vendor after a breach After a data breach by a vendor, people want to know “Who is responsible for the breach?”  It turns out both parties may be subject to liability after a data breach.  This liability is based on a number of factors, including the agreement between both parties as […]

Data Breach Prevention
How to Prevent Data Breaches

Unintended innovation consequences Recent business operational trends driven by digital transformation programs, movement to the cloud, and a remote workforce can put your critical data at great risk. Why? Confidential and sensitive data is outside the corporate security perimeter; thus, InfoSec teams no longer have end-to-end visibility nor control of data security. Data breach prevention […]

Cause of Data Breaches
How to Spot & Resolve Causes of Data Breaches

Can you spot the common causes of a data breach? Common causes for data breaches lurk in network infrastructure and security practices of employees, vendors and partners. When a data breach occurs, sensitive data is released to an untrusted environment.  To prevent the escalation of damages, it’s critical to remediate a data breach as fast […]

Data Breach Losses
Data Breaches Result in Painful Forecast

Potential lost equity from a data breach CFOs and CISOs have the painful task of forecasting and communicating data breach losses to their CEOs and Board members. This is a particularly complex endeavor given 26% of companies are repeatedly victimized, including enterprises like: Amazon, Facebook, and T-Mobile USA. Calculate your potential losses Enterprises routinely forecast […]

Negligent data leaks
Negligence Drives 90% of Data Breaches

Brands take years to build and milliseconds to disintegrate Enterprises spend years building their brand image and reputation with their target audience and business partners. With threat actors hyper-focused on enterprises, it has never been more critical to protect your critical data both inside and outside your company’s walls…and your brand. Two examples of crippling […]

Remote Workforce Data Leak Prevention
How to Prevent Data Breaches by Employees

Help your remote employees keep business data secure Data privacy and security go hand-in-hand because data cannot be private, unless it’s secure.  In today’s computing environment of working from home and hosting data in the cloud, it’s difficult to secure data. You need a solution to prevent data breaches by employees, particularly those working remotely. […]