Cloud Data Leaks

How to Manage Your Cloud Data Leaks

Is your Cloud raining data leaks? 

Data leaks often occur in the cloud or from other third-parties.  This occurs because InfoSec teams cannot control all aspects of security outside their network perimeter. Whether you are at a small company or large enterprise, it is essential to detect if your data is leaking in the cloud, before it becomes a major data breach. Did you know you can get instant alerts when your data is leaking on third-party sites?  You bet.  But, what’s the rush? Hackers are continuously searching  for vulnerabilities to exploit.  These cyber criminals pursue systems that are easiest to hack.  If your cloud-based applications and databases have no vulnerabilities, they are less likely to be  hacked.   However, if there are known open ports, exposed servers or files within your cloud-based system, your system is at higher probability to be hacked. 

Innovation and unintended consequences

Fifteen to twenty years ago the term “cloud computing” and early pioneering companies like Salesforce were changing the way businesses operate. Today, terms like digital transformation, cloud computing, and 4th Industrialization are integral to enterprise business strategies. The unintended consequence was the cybersecurity risk to sensitive, critical, confidential business data. Long gone are the days of securing sensitive data through control of physical devices and fencing location of where employees could access that data. Businesses now average 470 third parties with whom they share critical data — far beyond the enterprise perimeter. As of 2019, around 48 percent of all corporate data is stored in the cloud. The unintended consequence of these business innovations is the need, the requirement for equally innovative cybersecurity solutions to protect your data outside of your enterprise perimeter.

Protecting data outside the enterprise perimeter

Enterprises success often rests on employees and third-party  access to sensitive data via web-enabled devices.  The downside of migrating to cloud and digital transformation is that risk goes up astronomically.   What are you doing to protect data in your cloud?  Is your cloud raining data leaks via third-party sites?  If you are not sure, you can find out fast using our free dashboard to assess for data leaks.  Many businesses have migrated to the cloud or gone through digital transformation and needed to improve cybersecurity after the fact.  Smart businesses assess where their data is leaking in the cloud so they can remediate leaks before they become costly data breaches. 

Data leak protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

At CybelAngel, our technology never rests.  Every moment of the day, our advanced machine learning and cybersecurity experts seek data leaks in the cloud, including the deep, dark and public web.  Company size does not matter when it comes to data leaks.  Your sensitive data needs to be shared on the web, let CybelAngel monitor it in the cloud.  If your data is leaking, we will send you an instant alert detailing the nature of the data leak.  If asked, our cybersecurity experts will also step in and resolve your data leak, which can be the fastest route to remediation.  When planning for data migration to the cloud or digital transformation, diminish risk to your data (and your business) by including the CISO in discussions.  For more on using cybersecurity to diminish risk to your business, see our webinar series for CISOs.

Avoid a rainy season of data leaks

With CybelAngel, you can find and fix data leaks in the cloud and enjoy blue skies for your business.  If you wonder whether your data is raining in the cloud, find out.  Try our free dashboard for data leaks.  Because data leaks are inevitable; but damage is optional.