Join CybelAngel in San Francisco at the CISO Think Tank 2024.

Join CybelAngel Stateside at the CISO Think Tank

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, CISOs and security leaders have assumed a pivotal role in fostering harmony between business and technology. Cybelangel is delighted to attend the CISO Think Tank, on February 29th in San Francisco. This event brings together CISO and cybersecurity visionaries for a day of networking and high level discussion.

Event Details

Date: 29 February, 2024.
VenueW San Francisco.
Agenda: Check out the event program.

A word about CybelAngel and EASM

CybelAngel is the leading platform for enterprises to monitor and prevent external digital threats beyond their IT perimeter.

We offer 5 comprehensive modules to provide extensive coverage to protect your external attack surface.

The modules offered within our solution include:

CybelAngel offers customers a ROI of 359% of their investment, representing a total NPV of $2.66m, according to a Forrester study on the economic impact of EASM. Find out why and much more during this event.

The role of CISOs in navigating an evolving EASM landscape

In today’s digital era, technology transcends the traditional boundaries of business. For many organizations, technology isn’t just a tool; it’s the very essence of their business operations. The CISOs and security leaders present at the CISO Think Tank 2024 fully understand the imperative of comprehending technology as a critical enabler across all facets of their organization.

CybelAngel recognizes the multifaceted responsibilities that CISOs face in such a dynamic landscape. Navigating the evolving relationships between business and technology requires a strategic blend of discipline and equilibrium. As experts in cybersecurity, we are proud to work with with CISOs and help them drive innovation, challenge traditional business models, and ensure the integrity of their organization’s data.

Our CISO Todd Carroll, the author of CybelAngel’s 2024 State of the External Attack Surface Report, presents compelling findings about the state of the attack surface.

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We are looking forward to exchanging with you all in San Francisco. For more information about our presence at this event follow us on social media via our LinkedIn and Twitter pages