Remote Workforce Data Leak Prevention

How to Prevent Data Breaches by Employees

Help your remote employees keep business data secure

Data privacy and security go hand-in-hand because data cannot be private, unless it’s secure.  In today’s computing environment of working from home and hosting data in the cloud, it’s difficult to secure data. You need a solution to prevent data breaches by employees, particularly those working remotely. Websites, software-as-a-service, antagonistic nations and cyber hackers present potential threats to data security.  When cybersecurity is left in the hands of employees and third parties, enterprises need practices and solutions to ensure data security — or suffer costly damages each time a data breach occurs. Back in 2017, The Economist reported that “the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.”  That statement holds true today as nation states fight digitally to access intellectual property and personal data in pursuit of political goals.  These days, it’s like the Wild, Wild West for hackers because there is low visibility and much opportunity to easily exploit abundant data.  Opportunities compound for hackers every time an employee connects a device to a network. Every new entry point is creates the potential for unauthorized access.  

“Get it done” threatens cybersecurity

Employees can threaten cybersecurity with a “Get it done” mentality.  Employees often opt for shadow IT solutions to accelerate the acquisition process.  The downside to getting things done fast is that cybersecurity can be an afterthought — and your data may exposed, waiting to be exploited by a hacker.  “Shadow IT is the bane of a CISO’s existence” because it significantly threatens a company’s ability to ensure data security.

To know if your data is at risk, ask your employees these questions:

  • Are you using Shadow IT, without the InfoSec Team involved in selecting devices, vendors and software?
  • Are you hosting Zoom meetings on company devices, with China potentially monitoring and recording what is shared?
  • Are you using TikTok from your cell phone or work computer, with China potentially accessing your contacts, search and click history?
  • Are you using Google from work devices, with potentially every search and click tracked?  
  • Are you using Facebook from company computers, with potentially every eye movement and click tracked?  

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, your employees, network and data are at risk.  With these known risks, data breach planning is no longer a “what if,” but a “what do we do now?” after a data breach.   You can diminish data breaches — and prevent them all together.  See the below steps for how to prevent data breaches by employees. Remote Workforce Data Breach Digital risk increases when employees use shadow IT, use their own devices, and work remotely from home networks. In this computing environment, data leaks are inevitable; but damage is optional.

Prevent data breaches 

Yes, with security protocols and systems in place, you can be like our client, Lagardère, a booming global enterprise, with over 200 data leaks per year, but zero data breaches. Our client profits from a secure computing environment, supported by employees who follow security protocols and CybelAngel, the enterprise-grade data leak detection platform.   CybelAngel combines advanced machine learning with detailed analysis by cybersecurity experts to identify data leaks anywhere they occur. Finding data leaks on the web, including employee devices and unsecure wifi, helps stop data breaches.   Companies can safeguard data and diminish risk by including the CISO in new business and operational discussions. This is especially important when planning for employees to work from home and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), For more on this, see our webinar series for CISOs.   If you suspect employees are making your data vulnerable, take preventive measures.  CybelAngel offers a platform to protect against data leaks, plus Remediation Services on third-party sites.  To discover your company’s data leaks on the web, we offer a complimentary data leak assessment (including free dashboard).   Using the CybelAngel platform, you can rest easy at night knowing your team will get an instant alert to your most critical data leaks before hackers have a chance to exploit them.  Employees using shadow IT, video meetings, and social media makes your business data vulnerable. Not to worry. CybelAngel protects your cyber attack surface.