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Alarming ransomware trend
What is Driving Ransomware’s Alarming Trend?

Banking trojans are alive and well…ready to attack. Ransomware attacks are expanding in such proportions that they have become emblematic of 2020 in Infosec. They affect every business sector and their intensity is growing. Moreover, 2020 clearly showed an innovating trend from ransomware gangs, with new forms of pressure to obtain the ransom (read our […]

The Financial Sector in the Digital Era: A Gold Mine for Cyber-Thieves

In April 2017, the Russian cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab identified a criminal hacker group operating under the names BlueNoroff and Lazarus – yet another group targeting financial institutions.

Major Cyber Attack Targets the Polish Banking Industry

On 3 February 2017, the Polish news website Zaufana Trzecia Strona reported that Poland’s banking industry had been hit by what is considered its most serious security incident to date: a cyberattack on 20 banking institutions, resulting in the loss of large amounts of data.