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Tag: Ransomware

Cybersecurity and M&A: Three Answers You Need Right Now

If you’re starting or even just considering a merger or acquisition, there are three cybersecurity questions you should be asking. Even more important are the answers to those questions, which we’re providing below. And if you’re already undergoing M&A activities, then keep reading and make sure you’re addressing your cybersecurity due diligence needs!   1. […]

Cybersecurity predictions for 2023
CybelAngel’s Top 3 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

Our cybersecurity predictions for 2023 all fall under one key word: proliferation. CybelAngel’s VP of product strategy, Camille Charaudeau, was recently quoted by both EM360 and BetaNews for his prediction that the expansion of external attack surfaces will be a major cybersecurity business challenge in 2023. What’s driving that expansion is the proliferation of credentials […]

The Biggest Cyber Attacks in the Manufacturing Industry

To better understand what digital risks are most important in manufacturing, we can look to the three biggest cyberattacks in the manufacturing industry.

WannaCry Risk
Is WannaCry Still a Threat?

As the ransomware industry lives its golden age, the anniversary date of one of the widest ransomware attacks ever known slowly approaches. Four years ago and some 300,000 computer infections later, WannaCry ushered in the global era of cyber extortion. The remaining question is whether WannaCry has written its last words. It’s true that WannaCry […]

Shadow IT Vulnerabilities
Fool me once: Why shadow IT needs continuous monitoring

The bad guys come back The saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  Yet when it comes to ransomware and shadow IT, many organizations do not heed this advice.   When data or networks are breached and held for ransom, many organizations pay the ransom, but fail to identify […]

Ransomware Attack Cybersecurity Concept
Identify and Prevent a Ransomware Attack: REvil Soddinokibi Use Case

Identifying a ransomware attack  Ransomware made its appearance in 1989 with the malware PC Cyborg Trojan that encrypted user data and forced the victim to pay $189 to unlock their files. These malware attacks are accomplished by encrypting all or part of a computer or system. Attacks often cause irreparable data loss, even if the […]