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Tag: cybercrime

Hackers Defend Their Reputation Across the Criminal Community

Developing a hacker reputation The Russian YouTube channel “Russian OSINT” creates and publishes news about cyber crime from the hackers point of view. The channel often shares interviews of Russian cyber experts or former hackers. However in October of 2020, the channel published a seminal interview of a Russian hacker from the ransomware gang, REvil.  […]

North Korean Cybercrime: A Worrisome Success Story

Dhaka, February 5th 2016. Despite the apparent calm, the Central Bank of Bangladesh is under attack. One of the most ambitious bank heists in history is launched by an unknown group of hackers. 81 million USD transfers from the Central Bank to an obscure account in an investment bank in Manila, Philippines — where a […]

Data leak of 36 million user accounts : a brutal “awareness” campaign

A Romanian hacker acting under the pseudonym GhostShell has posted 36 million user accounts stolen by compromising 110 MongoDB databases. Among these accounts, 3.6 million are coupled with passwords.