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Hackers Defend Their Reputation Across the Criminal Community

Developing a hacker reputation The Russian YouTube channel “Russian OSINT” creates and publishes news about cyber crime from the hackers point of view. The channel often shares interviews of Russian cyber experts or former hackers. However in October of 2020, the channel published a seminal interview of a Russian hacker from the ransomware gang, REvil.  […]

China Pharma Hackers
Chinese Hackers After Keys to the Pharma Kingdom

Governments and hackers chase COVID-19 vaccine When the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic in early March, two things happened: Governments and pharmaceutical companies around the world went into overdrive to find a vaccine and Chinese hackers stepped up their efforts to steal the data and intellectual property (IP) this vast effort was producing.  […]

Hackers miss out on the heist of the century because of a spelling error

Hackers robbed over $951 million from the Federal Bank of Bangladesh, but “only” $81 million actually slipped through the cracks and into the hands of the criminals. The remaining $870 million were frozen and should be returned to the Federal Bank of Bangladesh.