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The economics of ransomware attacks: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of payment
The Economics of Ransomware Attacks

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Payment No company is immune to ransomware attacks; if you have information worth taking, there is a cybercriminal who is ready to take it and then charge you to give it back. The number of attacks is increasing, the payments are going up and more victims […]

What Is Cybersquatting
What is Cybersquatting? How Can it Damage Your Business?

How malicious domains deceive customers and damage business What is cybersquatting?  Cybersquatting is when someone registers, uses or sells a domain name in bad faith, with the intent to profit from someone else’s trademark.  The Domain Name System (DNS) allows unlimited variations of domain names that could successfully be presented as the legitimate domains of […]

Are domain squatters hijacking your business?

When there are fake search results for your enterprise, what do you do?  What if the fake results link to malware or illicit content?  It hurts when pirates commandeer your brand online. What do you do if hackers misrepresent your company name, products or services online?  When someone registers in bad faith domains that are associated […]