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The heartbreakers of cybersecurity
Are you a cybercriminal’s perfect match?

Since relationships get all the attention on Valentine’s Day, CybelAngel thought you should be aware of four heartbreakers to avoid. Spoiler alert: They’re all cybercriminals. Are you the company of their dreams? Take a look below to find out. Phishing About me: I make you think I’m someone else in my emails and texts. I […]

The economics of ransomware attacks: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of payment
The Economics of Ransomware Attacks

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Payment No company is immune to ransomware attacks; if you have information worth taking, there is a cybercriminal who is ready to take it and then charge you to give it back. The number of attacks is increasing, the payments are going up and more victims […]

The Biggest Cyber Attacks in the Manufacturing Industry

To better understand what digital risks are most important in manufacturing, we can look to the three biggest cyberattacks in the manufacturing industry.

Mitigate Phishing Attacks
How to Mitigate the Risk From Phishing Attacks

Data breaches often start with phishing attacks   CEOs and decision makers are a popular target for phishing attacks. When executives are faced with spoofed screens like the Microsoft 365 log-in screen, IT administrators have their hands full trying to stop the damage before it’s too late.   The truth is, phishing attacks can dramatically increase […]

Phishing & Spear Phishing Attacks on the Rise

It has happened to all of us. You receive an email from your bank asking you to click on a link to “update your account.” The displayed page informs you that due to unusual activity on your account, the bank is taking the following security measures — because IT security is their top priority. The […]

The Financial Sector in the Digital Era: A Gold Mine for Cyber-Thieves

In April 2017, the Russian cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab identified a criminal hacker group operating under the names BlueNoroff and Lazarus – yet another group targeting financial institutions.