The Best Part of Waking up from Alert Fatigue

What is Alert Fatigue? Not just tired, worn out

Alert Fatigue is a mental state where SOC teams begin missing or not acting upon alerts due to experiencing an overwhelming number of low-quality of alerts. The best example of this state is found in Aesop’s Fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Everyone remembers its lesson to not raise false alarms lest the village ignores cries for help when the wolf does arrive. Those poor villagers were suffering Alert Fatigue. Unfortunately, food and beverage manufacturers are buried in false positives being sent to analysts. Your company’s large foot digital footprint, long supply chains, and widespread branding make separating signal from noise difficult.

The Ingredients of Alert Fatigue

According to a Demisto survey, an enterprise SOC team receives an average of 174,000 alerts per week a number. If 76.8% of those alerts are false positives and investigating each alert takes 20 minutes, then over 44,000 hours a week are spent on wild goose chases. That is time not spent locating external threats like third-party data leaks exposing intellectual property. That is time spent not remediating vulnerabilities in operational technology. This contributes to the length of a breach life cycle which IBM estimates ranges from 223 to 341 days to identify and contain. The delays created by alert fatigue have more than human costs. SOC analysts are highly trained expensive personnel, wasting 76% of an analyst’s time hurts both you and the business. IBM research bears this out as breaches resolved in under 200 days cost $1.12 million less. Alert fatigue, false-positive, and missed incidents are costing your analysts the opportunity to save you millions.

Wake up and Eat Cyber Threats for Breakfast

CybelAngel helps you fight alert fatigue with three refreshing features. With CybelAngel’s zero false positives your alert feed only has verified incidents. Before our incident reports reach your feed they are reviewed by multiple machine learning algorithms and verified by an experienced analyst. Each report comes with a full investigation meaning you don’t waste time running down false alarms. CybelAngel’s 24-Hour Scanning locates data leaks for major cloud applications, storage, and databases with our Data Breach Prevention solution. Every 24 hours our scanning technology searches the web for new data exposures with your keywords, this way no external leaks escape your notice even if it originates from a third party. This helps you to become an expert in external threats and breaches. Finally, our Cybel Connect API integrates our zero false positives and 24-hour scanning technology into your existing technology stack. No more jumping between platforms or missing alerts with our automation-friendly technology. All that you need can be in one place. You can learn more about how we help food and beverage companies in our case study or learn more about the platform with this video.